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Hello, world! 👋 My name is Zoé Schreiber. I'm a software developper, writer, communication strategist and the founder of Voca+, an iOS app powered by Oxford Languages that helps you record every new word you come across. I developed and designed Voca+ for people like you and me who want to learn better, faster and actively enrich their personal lexicon. Students, professionals from all horizons, linguists, writers, editors, translators, public speakers... Or simply curious individuals and readers! I'm working hard to iterate fast and improve the current version of the app. Voca+ is currently in a Beta Testing phase and will be coming to the App Store soon. Sign up to the waitlist below to be notified when Voca+ is available. Don’t hesitate to spread the word or contact me here if you have any questions or feedback. I look forward to embarking you on this journey!

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